Sprout Food Health

Sprout Food Health is all about enhancing your health and well being via the goodness of food.  
Promoting self-care, with less emphasis on health care.

Through nutritional therapy, we will work together to promote and support your health.  

By looking at you as a unique individual, we will use a range of tools to assess and identify any potential nutritional imbalances, you will soon understand how these may contribute to any symptoms and health concerns you have.

  • Relevant for chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their general health and wellbeing.
  • Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is never a replacement for medical advice.
  • It works in harmony alongside medical and other healthcare professionals involved in your care.
  • Any concerns highlighted during consultations may require a GP/healthcare professional consultation.

My aim is always to support you and your body towards optimum health.  You are unique and therefore a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme will be created rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  The impact of your environment, emotions, stress levels and sleep are all taken into consideration as part of this approach.    

Within your body, different systems operate to perform specific functions and help in maintaining your health. When any one of these body systems becomes compromised for a period of time, it may become imbalanced and symptoms can develop.  Longer term, one imbalance can lead to another or multiple imbalances.  Where this happens, this can lead to the development of further symptoms and health conditions.

Nutritional therapy can be beneficial to all people.  We all have to eat, right? You could reduce current symptoms and address any underlying causes, so that you may become as well as you possibly can be.  Those with no current ‘ill health’ can also benefit as simple dietary and lifestyle guidance can be implemented long term as a preventative approach to health.

My Approach – Your Health Via Food. It Starts With Food.

In working with you, I will always begin with food, using achievable dietary alterations.  You will learn to utilise exciting new ingredients, cooking methods and to make positive lifestyle choices.  Much can be achieved through small, manageable changes over weeks and months.  Having made these same changes myself during my own journey, I know and understand the challenges these changes may pose.  I will provide ongoing support throughout.  Nutritional therapy is not an overnight fix for our neglected health but by working together I can assist you on your journey to optimal health.   


I can’t tell you how much Denise has changed my life. Since our very first meeting (11 months ago) and having adopted the nutritional and lifestyle changes she recommended; my gut health, mental health, mental alertness and personal energy levels, have all improved beyond my expectations. I am now 11 months in to what I see as a lifetime commitment to making informed nutritional choices and I only wish I’d met her 20 years ago. –  B.L. ( Sept 2017)

We all want to feel and live the best we possibly can.