Working closely with my clients over many weeks and months enables me to create professional, trusting relationships which better allows me to support each and every one of them on their health journey.  Many are keen to share their experiences with others as they feel the benefits from the changes they have made in their health, lifestyle and happiness.  So here I would like to share a few of their comments to inspire you on your journey to optimal health. 

Many thanks to the clients who have permitted me to publish their feedback.

After years of difficulties with my stomach and being told by doctors l had ‘IBS’ l took the plunge to get help from a professional nutritionist as l knew myself l struggled with certain foods but l just wanted help and guidance on how to manage these foods or what to eliminate from my diet. From the moment l contacted Denise she has been so lovely and helpful. She always takes the time to go through everything l have been experiencing in such detail. I started noticing positive results almost right away after just eliminating some lifestyle and food habitats that l had. I experience some anxiety when going out for meals in case l have a flare up however Denise has taught me to always be mindful in what food l order but to also help me control my mindset to relax when l am out for a meal and to visualise with my food and enjoy every last bite! Overall l feel like a different person from my experience with Sprout Food Health cannot recommend Denise enough and l know if l have any troubles in the future she will always be on the other end of the phone for advice.


I was recommended to Denise through a friend after being diagnosed with diverticulitis and also having secondary progressive MS. I have really enjoyed the journey, always supported by Denise throughout. My whole eating regime has changed thanks to her. The supplements recommended have helped the diverticulitis to the extent I no longer get any pain from it. The cramps I was also troubled with have gone too. The MS obviously still there but I now have a very positive attitude about it. I like to keep on top of my exercise regime, 3 fitness classes and 4 yoga classes per week, and I try to walk as much as I can. I have so much more energy than I had when I started this journey. I’m loving the meals and enjoy cooking everything from fresh. I would like to say a massive thank you to Denise for all she has done for me and for always being at the end of a phone.


I highly recommend Denise. We are in our 60s. My husband was having severe stomach problems with hospital episodes last year until he changed his diet under Denise’s guidance and prescribed natural remedies. I went along for the journey, to consider my IBS. We have both radically changed how we eat, understand how digestive health impacts on our overall well-being and are preparing for a 500 mile walk later in the year. Oh, and our weight has naturally (not crash diet) dropped. There are no subset diet sheets; you learn to change how you eat yourself and there is still room for treats. Our steamer is now permanently out.

Denise is always prepared for your visit; she has a low key approach and made me feel very relaxed during consultations.
Thank you Denise.


I cannot thank Denise enough. Last summer I became incredibly ill and in intense pain with severe reflux. My own body was choking itself with severe throat spasms, I was throwing up constantly and couldn’t swallow food and water. Test after test with the NHS kept coming back as negative (this included having an endoscopy and biopsies). They couldn’t find anything so just wrote me off and refused further help. I was miserable and couldn’t work due to the severe pain I was having.

I researched natural remedies after hearing good things. Denise came recommended so I booked in with her and tried to keep an open mind. Where the NHS failed me Denise did the opposite. Through her bespoke plan, I started to see significant improvements. It didn’t happen overnight but over just a couple of months, the symptoms slowly settled and I was able to live a normal life again. Not only that but she was able to get my cholesterol levels to below average. I take statins for Familial hypercholesterolaemia but would still stay slightly high. For the first time in over ten years since I was diagnosed, it came right down.

I have completely changed my relationship with food and won’t ever go back to how I used to be. I will keep recommending Denise, she has literally been a life saver for me. THANK YOU xx


Cheers for all that you have done for me and my health over the last 6 months.

I decided to make big changes in my life after going to the doctor and being told my blood pressure was up and my cholesterol was also high. I came out wondering why?

I started off with my diet and so begun a low sodium, low saturated fat diet. I found out it was not that easy as I wasn’t sure what to eat as there are so many conflicting things written about foods. I became that confused about this that I got to the point I was just going to give in and take tablets.

At this point, I spoke to my wife who said she knew a nutritionist to whom I should speak to.

After messaging and meeting yourself you gave the information and understanding I needed to continue. Which foods to eat and what not too and also the life style changes I needed to make which was as big a part.

It was so much easier to have your wealth of knowledge and professional help only a text away when I was unsure.

As we were going along you adjusted things to suit my personal needs. After 10 weeks I felt I had more energy and was doing things I don’t think would have been possible prior to these changes you made for me.

After 6 months I went back to the doctors for tests. They said the doctor was happy with my changes and the blood pressure had came down and cholesterol was back down to the average which made me feel all the changes we made were worthwhile.

Before trying these changes I was probably one of those who thought it’s just you and the way you are.

Sometimes when you’re doing these things you need a bit of motivation. The texts on a Friday to see how my week went and things to try the following week gave me that. So again thank you for all the hard work you done for me as I couldn’t have came this far without your professional help, cheers Billy.

If there is anybody out there needing a road to follow give Denise a call.


I am so glad that I went to Denise. Initially, I wanted information and support to improve my diet and learn more about nutrition. But it became more than that, it improved my lifestyle. From the changes, Denise helped me make I felt more energised and happier in myself. The changes highlighted how my diet impacted my mood and we looked at how to change my relationship with food – things I didn’t even realise I needed help with. Overall a great experience working with Denise, so much support and information was provided and immediately felt comfortable within the first consultation. It has helped me improve my lifestyle for the better. Thank you so much!


Would highly recommend Sprout Food Health. I am seeing the improvement in my health that I was looking for.


I can’t tell you how much Denise has changed my life. Since our very first meeting (11 months ago) and having adopted the nutritional and lifestyle changes she recommended; my gut health, mental health, mental alertness and personal energy levels, have all improved beyond my expectations. I am now 11 months into what I see as a lifetime commitment to making informed nutritional choices and I only wish I’d met her 20 years ago.